About Donkeys Educational Package

About Donkeys is a package designed to introduce donkeys to those classes interested in sponsoring a donkey, as well as being a resource for those who have already sponsored a donkey and are looking for a means to explore further the significance of donkeys to various cultures around the world and the idea of stewardship of the animals around us. The various activities, from non-fiction readings to drama and movement, provide cross-curricular opportunities for students in Grades 1 - 8 to explore the peaceful and engaging nature of these gentle animals.

David McAleese has been a teacher in York Region for 25 years, teaching a variety of elementary grades. He first became aware of The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada while purchasing a new car. The salesman he was dealing with had a photo of Paco on his desk, and when David inquired about it, he knew that he had found the perfect way to support both his Science and Language Arts programs. His interest in the Donkey Sanctuary has spread across his school, with many other classes enjoying the opportunity to help a donkey. His classes have sponsored both Paco and Sable, but he especially enjoys his visits with Summer each year.

Claudia Bianchi has been a teacher in York Region for 12 years, many of those working in Special Education with special needs students. She first became aware of The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada when her "next-room" neighbour, David, introduced the Donkey Sanctuary to some of the students in her class while they were integrated into his program. She saw the world of donkeys, and the work done by the Donkey Sanctuary, as a way to engage her students with autism in learning about kindness towards others, and caring for animals and the environment. She has sponsored both Monte and Saucy over the years.

To download the About Donkeys Educational Package, please click the pdf link below. 

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