About the Foster Farm Network

Without Foster Farms, we wouldn't be able to rescue nearly as many donkeys as we have since we began the Foster Farm Network in 1997. Currently we have more than 30 equines at our foster farms, and we're delighted with the individual attention and care the animals receive at their homes.

Within the Foster Farm Network, rehabilitated donkeys (rehabilitated in terms of the effects of abuse/neglect they may have suffered in their previous lives) are placed in pairs – as pets – on permanent loan, at suitable homes. The donkeys we choose to be placed at these foster farm homes are those whom we believe will benefit from the more individual love and attention that a foster farm can provide. Therefore, we’re diligent in the choice of home we make for the animals we place. As well, due to travel costs and the need for ongoing support, we generally only consider farms within a two-hour drive of Guelph, Ontario.

Anyone who considers fostering one of these remarkable creatures must understand that taking care of donkeys is both a rewarding and very serious responsibility. It requires diligent and consistent care and feeding – which is why every member of our foster farm community signs an agreement which commits them to the Terms and Conditions of fostering DSC donkeys.

In other words, we take this very seriously, and we expect our foster farms to do so as well.

So. We hope you’d still like to become a part of our Foster Farm network. A few more things to consider, then, as you ponder your decision.

There’s no charge for the donkeys placed in your care. However, we do charge a $50.00 fee to inspect your farm (to make sure it’s suitable for providing sanctuary – this will also give us the opportunity to answer more of your questions). If you’re approved, we’ll apply the fee you’ve paid to the cost of the DSC Donkey Care Manual we'll provide (a most useful book). You’ll also be asked to contribute toward the cost of transporting donkeys to your farm, at 75 cents/km, round trip.

Also, understand that while at your farm, the donkeys will remain under the ownership of the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, and if, for any reason, they need to return to the Sanctuary Farm, we provide transportation free of charge. And finally, Foster Farms are expected to cover all of the costs of the donkeys’ care, including feed, vet visits, regular de-worming, vaccinations and farrier visits. As a very general guide, the annual cost of care will be approximately $1300.00 for each donkey, but naturally, much depends on the donkey’s health, cost of hay, and so on.

Before making your final decision to apply, we advise you do the following:

  1. Discuss what you’re planning with your vet, and a farrier in your area to ensure you can engage their services. (As well, by contacting them you will have a better idea of the cost involved in caring for donkeys.)
  2. Read the Foster Farm FAQ and DSC Foster Farm Program Brochure (answers most frequently asked questions).
  3. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  4. Review Costs for Keeping a Donkey
  5. Review Time Commitment and Tasks

And if you’re still interested (and we sincerely hope you are), please do complete our Application (pdf below) and mail or fax it back to us. Thanks very much for your time and interest. 

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