In Loving Memory

Memorial Hill Over the years, we have met many many people who love animals and respect their place on this earth - as we do. So we made available a special place on the DSC property to honour these people, and to honour the animals they loved. On a gentle rise of land at the west end of our pond, there now exists the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada's Memorial Hill. To date, many rock cairns have been assembled, each with an engraved stone which remembers a loved one who was particularly fond of animals, or honours a special animal friend. We've placed a bench nearby, next to a young chestnut tree, so our visitors can stop and remember those with whom they shared their lives. If there's someone to whom you would like to pay tribute in this manner, for a donation of $500.00 or more we will have a marker stone engraved with words of your choice. The stone will then be placed on a rock cairn on the Sanctuary's Memorial Hill - in the good company of the memory of many other loved ones. For more information about Memorial Hill, call us at 519.836.1697, or email If you would like to submit the form for inscription prior to your call, you may fill in the stone inscription form here, and submit it online. Alternatively, you may download the form below and mail it to our offices.   'In memory' Donations and Gifts We've received many donations in memory of a loved one - which we are honoured to recieve. If you'd like to make a donation in someone's memory, please visit our secure donations page. Thank you.


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