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Apollo, born in 2000, is a large, gray-brown Standard donkey. Before being admitted to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in 2005, Apollo lived on a farm in Southern Ontario.

Initially, he had been acquired to live with and protect cattle. His caretaker did not know that a donkey has to bond with another animal before it will be protective of it. In this case, and as is usually the case, the donkey had no interest in the cattle and did not want to have anything to do with them. When his caretaker responded by physically abusing the donkey, as well as refusing to go to the expense of having his hooves trimmed, the SPCA was called in to investigate. Soon thereafter the donkey was relinquished and the DSC was requested to take him into care.

At first, Apollo was very shy and hesitant around staff and volunteers. He had to learn to trust humans. Gradually, over many months and with consistent, gentle care, Apollo began to relax when he was being groomed or examined.