An Update on Jayne

(From the 2018 Fall/Winter Donor Newsletter)

At the beginning of 2018, we welcomed beautiful Jayne to the DSC.

Jayne had been severely neglected before her admission to the Sanctuary; her hooves had curled under and she had not had access to proper nutrition.

Though she suffered neglect at the hands of humans, she was very quick to seek attention from both staff and volunteers. Our animal care staff and their farrier partners were able to trim Jayne’s feet back to the correct angles and now she is no longer experiencing the soreness that she suffered when she first arrived.

Jayne has since graduated from the barnyard, where we keep the donkeys who need specialized attention and has joined the rest of the jennets in the main pace.

Jayne has acclimated well to the larger herd and has bonded with another barnyard graduate, Valentine, a jennet who arrived shortly after Jayne.

Jayne is now an Open Day favourite as she waits by the fence each Sunday, welcoming visitors’ attention. We have seen so much change in this donkey during her first nine months with us and we look forward to an even greater degree of contentment in the coming years.

Would you like to know more about Jayne's story? Check our her Donkey Profile here and prepare to be charmed by this beautiful, grey jennet. 

Jayne Grey Donkey Jennet

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