Valentine's Day is Around the Corner

Love is already in the air here at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada and this year the DSC wants to help you give something unique to the very special people in your life.

This year we have designed downloadable Valentine’s Day cards featuring our version of the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. We’ll have Hershey for our chocolate lovers, Prince Charming for our hopeless romantics, and of course Valentine.

When you donate $10 or more on our Valentine’s Day page before February 12th you will receive 12 unique cards to print out and give to the amazing people in your life.

Each card will include a cute picture, a quick biography, and of course a pre-written love note for your Valentine. We will also provide you with instructions on how to print your cards so you’re able to give them away on February 14th!

Share your love of donkeys this Valentine’s Day and know that you’re helping to support their wellbeing. All of the donations received will go to the care of our donkeys, mules, and hinnies. To receive your cards, donate by visiting this page.

Grey Donkey with Hearts

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The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada is entirely funded by private donation. We have people like you to thank for our continued ability to care for our animals.

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