Born: January 1, 2024

Southwestern Ontario

Admitted: 2024





Three days after Aiden was born, the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada received an emergency call to pick up this little donkey, because his mother was not doing well.   Unfortunately, the veterinarian in that area did not have the supplies to provide proper care for this little foal as his IGG levels(immunoglobin) were low. Initially the DSC considered finding a nurse mare for Aiden as raising bottle babies brings its own challenges, it’s very time intensive and can lead to behavioural problems. However, due to the critical condition of Aiden and knowing that we had several suitable jennies to help teach Aiden social cues and appropriate behaviour, we decided it would be best to bring him to the Sanctuary Farm to monitor his progress.

For the first couple of month Aiden received around the clock care from our Animal care team. Once he had built up enough immunity he was slowly introduced to some jennets, who will hopefully teach him some donkey appropriate manners.

Aiden is doing quite well, and we are looking forward to watching him grow into a beautiful well-adjusted donkey.