Born:  2000

Southern Ontario

Admitted:  2005




Gelding (male donkey)

Apollo lived on a farm with cattle. When he did not show interest in the cattle and did not protect them his caretaker physically abused him and refused to pay for his hooves to be trimmed.  The SPCA was called in to investigate. It was not long before the donkey was relinquished and the DSC was asked to take him into care.

With consistent, gentle care Apollo gradually began to relax when he was being groomed or examined. As the memories of the abusive treatment have faded, Apollo has come to accept human attention and has even grown to love and seek it from visitors, volunteers and staff alike.

Apollo is very susceptible to abscesses which can cause him enough discomfort to become lame, especially during our wet seasons. During these episodes he requires daily changing of poultice wraps and monitoring by staff is essential for his comfort and healing during his treatments.