Born:  2003


Admitted:  2004

Medium Brown


Gelding (male donkey)

Cargo is one of the easiest recognizable donkeys at the DSC because his left ear is permanently floppy.

We don’t know much of Cargo’s background except that he was abandoned in poor condition at an equine auction. After two days in the pen, a visitor to the sale noticed him and persuaded the auctioneer to give the little creature over to her care. Unfortunately, she did  not have the facilities to care for Cargo, and so she appealed to the DSC. Cargo arrived at the Sanctuary Farm in a cargo van, hence his name. Upon his arrival, it was evident that Cargo had received very little attention during his short life. He responded immediately to the care of DSC staff and volunteers and quickly became comfortable around staff, volunteers, and visitors to the farm. Given his outgoing and friendly nature, Cargo is a popular member of the family of residents at the Sanctuary Farm. He brings much pleasure to the people he comes in contact with, and it is evident that Cargo is extremely content as he roams the fields, grazing and frolicking with his donkey friends.