Curly Sam

Curly Sam

Born: 2001


Admitted: 2004


Small Standard


Little was know about Curly Sam’s background when he was brought to the DSC except that his previous owners had moved into an urban environment, and they could no longer give him care. He was in good physical condition at the time of admission, and he was gelded soon thereafter.

When he was ready to be introduced to the main herd of donkeys, his easy-going temperament allowed him to quickly become a part of their day-to-day routine.

Curly Sam became friends with another small standard donkey named Luna, and the two quick became inseparable. Because of their sweet nature, Sam and Luna were selected for our Host Farm program. They spent many years at one of  those farms, they just recently returned to the DSC in the spring of 2024, when life circumstances at that farm changed. They brought along their new friend, Billy Bob.