Born:  1999


Admitted:  2008 



Jennet (female donkey)

Juno was regularly hit with a shovel and fed very little. When a kind-hearted neighbour was able to persuade her owners to sell Juno, the donkey was brought, on the brink of starvation, to the neighbour’s farm. Juno’s new owners had no experience in the kind of specialist care that she required, and so they requested that she be taken in by the DSC.

Since her admission, Juno has been living with the oldies and special-needs donkeys.  Juno requires a lot of patience and loving care, and while she has made great progress in her training and is able to be handled for regular farrier trims and any veterinarian needs, she remains shy and nervous about being cornered or anyone crouching near her chest.

We will ensure that Juno gets gentle handling and lives in a quiet and calm environment to feel safe and content.

Juno has made some friends here at the DSC, her favourite is an older donkey named Da Vinci.