Born: 2021

Eastern Ontario

Admitted: 2021

Dark Brown


Gelding (male donkey)

Pepper came from a farm in the Kawartha area, where he was housed with cattle as well as 11 of his donkey friends. Pepper was only 3 days old when he arrived at the DSC so he did not know the life his mom and her friends experienced. As Pepper was so young at arrival he required specialized care until he was large enough to join a herd. Since the day that staff met Pepper, he has shown how much of a spitfire he is! He loves to run around at top speed, encouraging his friend Chili to join him.

Pepper has unique coloring like only 2 of our other DSC residents. He does not have any white points on him, so his muzzle, and the skin around his eyes is completely black! Pepper is the youngest donkey that the DSC has admitted and we are very excited to be a full part of Pepper’s life.