Born: 2008

Northern Ontario




Jennet (female donkey)

Before moving the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada Rosita lived on a farm in Thunder Bay, where she was a beloved pet. Due to her owner’s health and Rosita’s health, they needed to look for a new home for Rosita and contacted the DSC to see if we could provide that for her. After a long trip, Rosita arrived on the long weekend in May of 2023. Rosita has had ongoing medical issues and once she arrived at the DSC, our veterinarian team began to assess Rosita. Diagnostic tests revealed that one of Rosita’s sinus opening was closed, which caused a lot of drainage from her nose. At the end of June 2023 Rosita underwent surgery to open that nasal passageway. Rosita is currently still recuperating from this surgery and is on stall rest until she is fully healed and animal care staff need no longer tend to her with daily treatments. At which point she should not longer have ongoing issues. Rosita is a very sweet little donkey; she is a little bit timid around new people, but we are sure with time she will adjust to her new life here at the Sanctuary Farm.