Duncan the donkey


Duncan is a grey dun standard donkey.
Not much is known about Duncan’s life before coming to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC). A lady who had a farm was looking for a donkey to add to her animals and found an ad for Duncan online. When she went to take a look at the donkey she was horrified by what she saw and it was very obvious that Duncan had not received proper care for years; he had overgrown hooves, had not received any vaccinations or other veterinarian treatments, and he had experienced minimal to no handling. She couldn’t leave Duncan in this neglectful surrounding and took him to her farm in Western Ontario. After about six months she, unfortunately, realized that Duncan was more than she could handle, and she contacted the DSC for help. We were able to provide a space for Duncan at the DSC farm and he arrived in January of 2017.
Duncan is a very shy donkey, who will need some time to adjust to his new life at the DSC, and he will hopefully learn that people are trustworthy and that we love and care for him.


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