Lucille Donkey


 Lucille is a cute pinto miniature donkey, who was born in 2011.

Before coming to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC), Lucille lived on a farm in Western Ontario with horses and other miniature donkeys. Their owners took part in breeding donkeys for several years before noticing that some of the donkeys were being mistreated or neglected in their new homes.  They realized that their community did not really understood donkeys and was lacking knowledge in donkey care, so they felt uncomfortable to continue breeding. It was at this point that they decided to get out of the business and give many of their donkeys including Lucille, Elanor and Herb, a forever home. Unfortunately, the family situation changed, which forced the owners to sell their property and all their beloved animals including the donkeys. However due to their breeding value the owners were concerned where Lucille, Eleanor and Herb would end up, and they contacted the DSC to give them a forever home with us.

The three miniature donkeys arrived in the spring of 2018.  Due to their sweet nature Lucille and her two friends were ideal candidates to be a part of our Foster Farm program. They made their new home at one of our amazing farms, where they resided until the Foster Farm needed to return them due to some personal health concerns. The Foster parents were sad to see them go, but glad to know that they would return to the DSC Sanctuary Farm.

Lucille is a very sweet donkey and is very close to Eleanor and loves to hang out with her the most.


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