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John Mule
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Hummer is a black Standard mule who was born in 1996. He was admitted to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in late 2003.

Over the years, this large equine had lived in many places, under the care, time and again, of people who were determined to ride him. Hummer, on the other hand, had different inclinations. He was not interested at all in being ridden and he could become very uncooperative if asked to do so. In the process, he developed a wariness of humans that made him difficult to handle.

When Hummer arrived at the DSC Farm he was both cautious and anxious. From the beginning, the Sanctuary’s Animal Caretaker worked patiently with Hummer, using the concepts of Natural Horsemanship to calm him. This method emphasizes the principle that humans and animals interact and connect best when working positively together, which was effective and soon Hummer was ready to be moved into the area with his new mule companions.

The mule group can be rambunctious at times but, from the first, Hummer blended smoothly into their world. Now he is content, living with his own kind...and never being asked to be ridden!