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Johnny, a white Standard donkey, was admitted to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in 1996.

Johnny and a companion donkey, Franco, had been advertised for sale when the notice was read by supporters of the DSC. They telephoned about the ad and, as a result of the ensuing conversation, they became concerned about the donkeys’ futures. Their owner had purchased them in the hope of making a quick profit on resale, however, since that had yet to occur, he was inclined to sell them to a slaughterhouse.

Upon learning that fact, the caring people went to see the donkeys. They were appalled at the animals’ condition and at the fact that so little consideration was being given to their lives. Thereafter, when they had confirmed that the DSC would give Franco and Johnny (as they named them) a lifelong home, the donkeys were purchased and moved immediately to the Sanctuary farm.

Since both donkeys were jack stallions, they were gelded and kept apart from the main Sanctuary herd after their arrival. Thereafter, several weeks later, when their testosterone levels had subsided, the donkeys were moved in with their new equine companions.

Johnny is particularly content living at the Sanctuary farm. At one point, Franco and he were moved to a DSC Foster Farm. The farm consisted of several large fields where the donkeys could roam and they were placed as companions to three horses. Johnny, however, did not take to these other animals and he became difficult to handle. Although horses and donkeys are both members of the equine family, their social organization is very different. After a month, It was decided that the donkeys should be returned to the Sanctuary. Johnny has been most agreeable ever since.