Billy Bob SP24

Billy Bob

Born: May 27, 2008


Admitted 2024

Chocolate brown


Gelding (male donkey)

Billy Bob was the personal donkeys of one of our Host Farms. He lived there with two of the DSC donkeys, Luna, and Curly Sam. When circumstances changed at the farm, it was requested that the two donkeys return to the DSC and Billy Bob would join them here at the Sanctuary Farm. They all arrived in the late spring of 2024.

Billy Bob is a very friendly and well socialized. He felt right at home with all the other miniature donkeys.

Billy Bob has a unique eye colour, his eyes are noticeably light, like a caramel colouring. He is also registered with the Miniature Donkey Association as a miniature Mediterranean donkey. Not many donkeys that come into the DSC’s care are registered as a known breed.