Born: 1996

Southern Ontario

Admitted:  2015

Grey dun


Gelding (male donkey)

In early 2015 Blue’s owner realized that she might no longer be able to take care of her four little donkeys, Blue, Jesse, Carmen and Jasmine, and she contacted the DSC as a possible new home for them. We were happy to bring Blue and his friends to the Sanctuary Farm in the summer of 2015.

Blue is a very curious donkey and what he lacks in size he makes up in  personality.

Did you know that Miniature Donkeys have the same amount of teeth as a Standard donkey even though their mouths’ are much smaller? So they have less room in their mouths for all the teeth and therefore require more regular dental care.

Blue also needs additional grain feedings year round to ensure he maintains a healthy weight.

As well he has a history of anaphylactic reactions to vaccines, so staff needs to keep an extra eye on him when it comes to vaccination time.