Get Involved

Be the change that the donkeys need to survive and thrive! Whether it’s donating, sponsoring a donkey or volunteering; you are the reason that we can help more donkeys than ever before.



There are many great opportunities for volunteers to become involved at the DSC.  Spend time with the donkeys, welcome visitors,  help to care for the beautiful environment or gardens, or join in the fun of events.   So many rewarding ways to be a DSC Volunteer!


To achieve our mission, we rely on the generous support of individuals like you, who share our commitment to donkeys. You donations could help rescue a donkey who is experiencing neglect,  a mule who has never felt a gentle human hand, or teach equine caretakers the difference between a donkey and a horse so they can help donkeys thrive in different environments.

Sponsor a donkey

Sponsor a donkey or mule and support their recovery and ongoing care. By sponsoring a donkey/mule/hinny, you become a vital in supporting their medical recovery and behavioral rehabilitation in helping them trust people again.  Sponsorships are $75 annually or $10 per month.

Learn more about donkeys and the DSC

Catch up on all our Sanctuary updates including education, news & events and rescue and rehabilitation. Make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Visit us

Come and visit the donkeys and mules in Sanctuary.

Whether you choose a visit on an Open Day or prefer to book a private, expert-guided tour, be prepared to be charmed by these gentle animals. You will learn how we care for the animals, discover the donkeys’ personalities, the dynamics of the different groupings and get all your questions about donkeys answered by our incredible staff and volunteers.