Born: 2020

Eastern Ontario

Admitted: 2021

Dark brown


Jennet ( Female donkey)

Before coming to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC) in the fall of 2021,

Cayenne lived on a farm in the Kawartha area, where she was housed with cattle as well as 10 of her donkey friends. Cayenne and her friends had no appropriate shelter, nutrition or care.

Within the herd, there were also intact male donkeys thus Cayenne arrived at the DSC with a foal, Chili, by her side. We suspect that this foal was not Cayenne’s first baby.


When Cayenne arrived at the DSC she was quite unsure of her new life. With time, patience, and gentle handling from our staff and volunteers, Cayenne has come out of her shell and has adjusted to her life at the DSC.

Cayenne has unique coloring like only 2 of our other DSC residents. She does not have any white points on her, so her muzzle and the skin around her eyes is completely black!