Chili SP24


Born: 2021

Eastern Ontario

Admitted: 2021

Dark brown


Gelding (Male donkey)

Before coming to the DSC in the Fall of 2021, Chili lived on a farm in the Kawartha area where he was housed with cattle as well as 10 of his donkey friends. Chili and his friends had no appropriate shelter, nutrition, or care.

Chili was only a month old when he arrived at the DSC and was still dependant on mom, Cayenne, for his nutrition and guide around this big world.

Staff let Chili enjoy life as a donkey before beginning to handle or train him. Once staff began to work with Chili, they soon realized how spunky Chili could be! He can be very dramatic when asked to do something he does not want to do, but he soon found out that bum and wither scratches feel amazing and will do about anything to receive them.

Chili has quite a fluffy forehead and staff are always pushing his hair out of his eyes. We are excited to watch as Chili continues to grow and become a handsome donkey.