Born: 2015

South Bruce Peninsula

Admitted:  2016




Coal, his half-brother Rowan, and their father Gerry were living on a farm  on the South Bruce Peninsula. Neighbours, who are DSC supporters, had long been concerned about the animals' welfare at the farm; the owner of the animals, who rented the property, was often absent from the farm for long periods at a time, leaving the animals with no care.  When the renter finally was evicted and moved out, the  owner of the property  found  the animals had been left behind without proper shelter or food. On recommendation of the neighbours he contacted the DSC. We immediately picked up Coal, Rowan and Gerry and brought them to the Sanctuary Farm.

Coal had not been handled at all before arriving at the DSC, and he was quite wild with all the energy of youth. Barn staff worked diligently and consistently with both Coal and Rowan to get them used to their new life at the Sanctuary. Coal Is a very active member of his mule herd and loves to cause trouble with his brother.