Cotton SP24


Born: 2006

Southern Ontario

Admitted: 2023



Jennet (Female donkey)

The DSC has been aware of Cotton since 2018, after a long-time donor noticed that Cotton appeared unhappy at the public zoo she was on display at. For several years this donor and others tried to persuade the owners of the zoo to do something different for the sad donkey, until one day they had sold Cotton, and nobody knew where she had gone to or what happened to her. Like many of the donkeys who find their way to us, Cotton was bounced around to several homes over the past few years. Her last caretaker decided to reach out to us because she was concerned that Cotton did not appear happy living with the ponies at her place.

After three weeks in quarantine, Cotton has joined our Special Care herd for now, until we have had a chance to evaluate her health, behaviour and personality.