Da Vinci

Da Vinci

Born:  1986


Admitted:  2011

Dapple Grey


Gelding (male donkey)

Da Vinci lived on a farm which became a DSC Foster Farm.  DSC’s Meegers was placed to be a companion to Da Vinci.  The two donkeys bonded and when the property had to be sold, the caregivers were very concerned about Da Vinci’s future.

As an older donkey, Da Vinci requires special care.  Older donkeys sometimes struggle with weight issues and can develop problems with their teeth requiring a lot more dental care than other donkeys.  Sharp points that form on the edges of the teeth, or missing teeth, can mean food is not being chewed or digested properly.  In 2018 radiographs revealed back pain which required chiropractic treatment for him. Staff will always monitor Da Vinci’s comfort levels along with vet recommendations to keep him comfortable.

Da Vinci is very sweet and since his arrival has endeared himself to staff, volunteers and visitors.  Even with young children, he is gentle.  He enjoys his life with the other donkeys.