Born:  1996

Southern Ontario

Admitted:  2010



Gelding (Male donkey)

Eeyore lived alone and learned to help with work at his previous home. He was trained to be ridden, pulled a cart and even helped to skid logs out of the forest.

Eeyore’s owners contacted the DSC when they were no longer able to rent the pasture in which Eeyore lived and a possible new pasture with a herd of cattle was too rich in proteins and sugar for a donkey.

Eeyore has learned to socialize with the other donkeys here at the DSC, and he has bonded tightly with Chaplin. The two of them are inseparable.

Eeyore is a very sensitive donkey and is not very fond of receiving medical care from our vet team. Due to his displeasure of receiving vaccines he will remain a permanent resident at the DSC to ensure safe and comfortable veterinarian visits for both, Eeyore and the medical team.