Born: 2016

Central Ontario

Admitted: 2019

Brown and white


Gelding (male donkey)

Not much is known about Finn and his life before coming to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC). Finn and two other donkeys, Sawyer and Ellie, lived on a farm in Central Ontario. When their owner suddenly passed away, and nobody was found to take care of the animals, a concerned neighbour stepped in to look after the donkeys immediately. However, the neighbour was not able to take on the responsibility of the care of the three donkeys as he didn’t know anything about donkeys but was worried about their fate if he wasn’t trying to find a home for them. He contacted the DSC, and Finn, Ellie, and Sawyer arrived in December 2019.
Finn is an adorable little donkey, and we are happy to provide him with a lifelong home.