Born: 2003

Southern Ontario

Admitted: 2015



Gelding ( male donkey)


Hector is a grey miniature donkey with a white forehead. We estimate that Hector was born in 2003. Not much is known about Hector’s life before he was moved to a farm in Southern Ontario. There he lived, together with another donkey named Jose, for the past six years. When the owners sold their farm a new home was sought for the two little donkeys and the DSC was contacted. We were able to provide a home for Hector and his companion donkey in the summer of 2015.

Hector is a shy yet playful little donkey, who loves to make friends with all the minis here at the DSC.

Hector spent some time on one of our amazing Host Farms to be a companion to another little donkey. When the circumstances at the Host Farm changed, Hector along with his new friend, Fonzi, returned to the DSC in 2022.