Born: 1998

Western Ontario

Admitted:  2016



Gelding (male donkey)

Hewey lived on a farm in Western Ontario. For years Hewey was a beloved family pet, he was spoiled but well taken care of, but after the family’s circumstances changed, they had to find a new home that would care for Hewey. Hewey moved to his new home and after a while the family found out that Hewey was not receiving proper care at this farm. So they contacted the DSC in hopes that we could provide Hewey a permanent home. We were able to take Hewey in and he arrived in the late fall of 2016.

Due to his size, Hewey is more likely to get arthritis as he gets older. In early 2022 Hewey became lame and sore on his feet. He has since been put on medication to keep him comfortable.

Hewey has a close bond with one of our small jennets, Tequila.

Hewey is a very sweet donkey, truly a gentle giant.