Born: 1993

Southern Ontario

Admitted: 2018



Jennet (female donkey)

Not much is known about Hollie’s life before her last home. Hollie was purchased on Kijiji to be a guardian animal for a flock of sheep in the spring of 2017. When the new home was downsizing their flock, Hollie was put in with some horses who picked on Hollie. Hollie’s owner also became fearful of being kicked by Hollie when she was trying to handle Hollie, making it apparent that Hollie has not received much handling in her entire life. The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC) was contacted to see if we could provide Hollie with a forever home.
Hollie is a very shy donkey and will receive lots of training by our animal caregivers and hopefully over time Hollie will trust people to let them into her space.