Born: 2014

Central Ontario

Admitted:  2016



Gelding (male donkey)

Kevin was born on a cattle farm, where his mom and another donkey resided. No care was given to Kevin right from the start, he was left out with the cattle and the other donkeys to fend for himself. One day the owner decided to sell the three donkeys and when a kind lady saw that Kevin has not been getting up for weeks, she decided she needed to help. She contacted the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC) to see if we could take Kevin, if she bought him and gave him to us. A friend of her purchased the other two donkeys and gave them a home, and Kevin came to the DSC, with what was suspected to be a broken pelvis. As he has continued to grow his pelvis healed in a rotated position. In 2020 Kevin started to show signs of discomfort in his hind end and developed a tendon injury in 2021. With our veterinarian team and farriers, we are keeping Kevin comfortable with wedged horseshoes and routine physical exams. Kevin seems to take everything in strides and doesn’t let his limited physical capabilities hinder him from playing with his gelding friends.