Born: 1999


Admitted: 2004


Small Standard

Jennet (female donkey)


Little was known about Luna’s background, when she was brought to the DSC, but her unusually highly-strung behaviour reflected the probability that she had been taken from her mother at too early an age.  In addition, she demonstrated ambivalent behaviour towards humans.  Clearly, she wanted to receive human attention but she could easily become too demanding and start to nip at a person’s arm.  In order to curb this tendency on Luna’s part, Sanctuary Staff and Volunteers have had to be consistent and firm with her at all times.  Since then, Luna has become much more polite, and now basks in the attention she receives from visitors on Open Days.

Soon after Luna’s arrival at the DSC, Curly Sam was taken in for lifelong care as well.  He is a small Standard donkey gelding, very easy-going and calm.  In no time at all, it was clear that Curly and Luna preferred to be always in one another’s company. Both donkeys became part of our Host Farm Network, and they spent many wonderful years at one of our amazing host farms. The two donkeys returned to the DSC in the spring of 2024 and brought their new friend, Billy Bob, with them. Billy Bob was the personal donkey of that Host Farm and when their life circumstances changed, the request Billy Bob was taken in by the DSC as well returned Luna and Sam into our care.