Born: 1994

British Columbia

Admitted: 2001

Grey dun


Jennet (female donkey)

Before Marci arrived at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC), she resided with her parents Katy and Peter, and brother Gemini on a farm on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where they lived contentedly and received the best of care.

By autumn 2000, however, their caretaker realized that his advancing age would soon prevent him from caring for the donkeys.  He requested that his little family be moved to the DSC.

In late summer, 2001, the four donkeys were transported by trailer across Canada from Salt Spring to the Sanctuary Farm.

Marci, her parents, and Gemini lived happily together until Peter passed in 2016 and Katy’s passing in 2019. Now Marci is mostly content to spend  her time with her brother.