Born:  April 14, 1992

Admitted:  1994



Gelding (male donkey

When Monte was less than a year old he was moved to a small family farm. Unfortunately, his new caretakers led such busy lives, and could not provide proper care, so the breeder convinced the family that it would be much better if he were admitted to the DSC.

He lived at the DSC for several years before being placed at a Foster Farm where he joined two other donkeys, Abby and Rebecca. In 2007 the family requested that Monte and his companions be moved back to the DSC Farm as they were no longer able to give them care. It did not take long for Monte to settle back into the routine at the DSC.

Like many miniature donkeys Monte suffers from poor dental health. Monte has been losing teeth and requires both extra veterinarian attention as well as extra forage to ensure he stays at a healthy weight.  Did you know that miniature donkeys have the same number of teeth as a standard donkey just in a much smaller mouth?