Born: 2017

Eastern Ontario

Admitted: 2021



Gelding ( male donkey)

Before coming to the DSC in 2021, Monterey lived on a farm in the Kawartha area, where he was housed with cattle as well as ten of his donkey friends. They had no appropriate shelter, nutrition or care.

Monterey arrived at the DSC as a jack and staff predicted that he fathered many, if not all the younger donkeys that were housed with him.

Monterey arrived at the DSC with a severe abscess and staff immediately began treating it. After some diligent treatments, he recuperated from the infection.

At first Monterey was quite unsure of his new life. With time, patience, and gentle handling from our staff and volunteers, he has come out of his shell and has adjusted to his new surroundings and the routines here at the DSC. He is a very sweet donkey.