Born 2001

Northeastern Ontario

Admitted 2019

Dark brown

Small Standard


Before arriving at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC) Morgan lived alone on a farm in Northeastern Ontario. She lived in very poor conditions and had received poor farrier and veterinarian care. When her owner passed away the relative who inherited the estate had to make plans for Morgan as they were not able nor had the knowledge to care for this little mule that had been neglected for so long. They contacted the DSC to see if we could provide Morgan with a forever home.  Morgan arrived a few days later in the summer of 2019.

Morgan is a sweet and loving mule, and after a much-needed hoof trim and some love, she has quickly adjusted to her new life here at the Sanctuary farm and has become friends with Carrie, a very young hinny.  Morgan gets along will all the mules in her little herd.