Born: 1996


Admitted: 2016

Dark Grey


Gelding (male donkey)

Noah lived on a farm in the Township of Centre Wellington. He was a beloved family pets, and when in 2016 the former owner was no longer able to care for him, she contacted the DSC to provide the donkey with a lifelong home. Noah was a perfect fit for one of our great Foster Farms and went there immediately. This Foster Farm already had their own donkey and one of our donkeys, so Noah was in good company. In 2020 Noah developed white line disease in his hooves and the hard decision was made for Noah to come to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada farm, so he could receive the specialized care that he needed. Noah has settled in very quickly into his new life here at the farm. He is the second smallest donkey at the DSC but has the biggest personality. He is a very vocal little guy and lets everybody know when he needs or wants something with his loud brays.