Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

Born: 2017

Southern Ontario

Admitted:  2019

Grey Roan


Gelding (male donkey)

Oliver is blind in both eyes and only has one fully developed ear. He also suffers from an upper airway disease.

Before coming to the DSC, Oliver lived on a beef farm. When a visitor to the farm noticed the young donkey pacing in circles in a small stall, she talked to the owner about purchasing the donkey. She wanted the little donkey to have a better life and recognized that he needed specialized care. Shortly after purchasing Oliver, she contacted the DSC to see if we could provide Oliver with a home and give him the care that he required. Oliver is a very curious donkey and has adjusted well to his new life here at the DSC. Oliver is housed with one other donkey (Duke) and has a walk-out stall into a familiar space that he enjoys every day. This is to ensure that he can safely navigate his environment. He is brought into his stall at night to reduce any risk of injury.

Despite his disability, Oliver is very outgoing,  curious, and confident.  It’s easy to forget he is blind.