Born: 1998

Southwestern Ontario

Admitted: 2009



Jennet (female donkey)

Polly originally lived on a farm in Southwestern Ontario which became the first Foster Farm for the DSC when they were looking for another donkey to keep Polly company. After a few years of being the first Foster Farm, the farm was sold and they requested that their foster farm donkey returned to the DSC and also wanted us to admit their donkey into our care. Even though Polly was officially admitted to the DSC, she however  has never been to the DSC until her return in April of 2022, as she was moved to another DSC Foster Farm upon admission to the DSC. Polly and her companion lived a long and good life at the Foster Farm,  and were soon joined by 3 more Sanctuary donkeys. Polly’s  close companion passed away in 2015. And once life circumstances changed at the Foster Farm they requested that all donkeys return to the DSC.