Born: 2005

Western Ontario

Admitted:  2016

Grey dun


Jennet (female donkey)

Before arriving at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC) Tequila lived with another donkey, a jack named Cruze, on a farm in Western Ontario. There they were used as a breeding pair and they had several offspring. When they were no longer able to have offspring they were moved to a different farm, where they received very little care. Knowing that these donkeys were more deserving of better care, the DSC was contacted to see if we could help. Tequila suffers from heaves, a breathing condition similar to asthma in humans. She requires medication year round for it and is often additionally treated with her inhaler during spring, summer and fall.

Due to her breathing issues and her bond to Hewey, Tequila will remain a permanent resident at the DSC.