Born: 2011

Southern Ontario

Admitted: 2021



Gelding (male donkey)

Before coming to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC), Zeb lived on a farm in Western Ontario, where he was well loved and taken care of. He was living with small goats and has not had any interactions with other donkeys. When the owners were moving, they unfortunately were not able to take him them and they contacted the DSC with a request for us to take Zeb. He arrived in August of 2021. When Zeb arrived, he was still an intact male and was gelded shortly after his arrival.

Due to Zeb’s lack of social skills with other donkeys and behavioural issues, he will need some time to learn how to be polite around other donkeys and humans.

Zeb is very curious about his new surroundings and the other donkeys on the property.