Daisy STandard Donkey


Daisy was born in 1994 and she gave birth to a daughter, Sunshine, in 2002. Both are large Standard donkeys with medium dark brown fur. They have white bellies and their faces are flecked with white. Their large ears are curled at the tips. The two are rarely apart.

Both donkeys lived for many years on a farm in Southern Ontario along with a herd of goats and another donkey, Buddy. Eventually, however, the goats were sold and the family no longer had the time to care for the donkeys. When several months had passed, the people knew that the animals were being neglected and that it would be much better for them if they could be moved to the DSC for lifelong care. They were taken into the Sanctuary in November 2008.

Today, Daisy lives in harmony in the Jennet paddock. She and Sunshine go everywhere together, whether it is to graze in a field, snooze in the barn, or lean over a fence, ever curious and patient.


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