Franny the donkey in her fly pants


Franny is a grey dapple miniature donkey, who we estimated was born in 1991.

Before being admitted to The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC) in late spring 2019, Franny lived on a loving farm with horses and other donkeys in Southwestern Ontario. She was well cared for, but her owners were getting older and started to downsize.

Although they were successful in finding homes for some of the other animals, it was more difficult to find a home for Franny due to her age and her dental issues. Aging donkeys often lose their teeth and can’t chew hay and straw properly anymore, which results in food packing in their cheeks. Because of her dental issues Franny will be on a special diet of soaked hay cubes and live her remainder of her life in the barnyard at the DSC with the other elder and special needs donkeys.


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