Miniature Donkey Marci


Marci is one of four adorable grey-brown Miniature donkeys who have lived together as a family for all of their lives. Peter (born in 1991) and Katy (born in 1991) are the parents of Marci (born in 1994) and Gemini (born in 1995). They resided on a farm on Saltspring Island, British Columbia, where they lived contentedly and received the best of care.

By Autumn, 2000, however, their caretaker realized that his advancing age would soon prevent him from continuing to be able to care for the donkeys. He had long been aware of The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada and so he made the request that his little family be moved to the DSC.

In late summer, 2001, the four donkeys were transported by trailer across Canada from Saltspring to the Sanctuary Farm outside Guelph. This long journey was made over a five-day period in order that the donkeys could rest well each night. During that time, their former caretaker flew to Ontario so he could ensure they arrived safe and sound.


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