Monte in the field


Monte is a gray Miniature donkey gelding who was born in 1992. He is 36” tall at the withers and he has a black cross on his back.

In his first year, he was moved to a small family farm. Unfortunately, the quality of care was not to the standard that the breeder expected, because Monte’s new caretakers led such busy lives, and so the breeder convinced the family that it would be much better if the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada were to admit the little donkey. He lived at the main Sanctuary Farm for several years and then he was placed on loan at a DSC Foster Farm where he joined two other donkeys, Abigail and Becky. They received considerable attention and Monte much enjoyed this change. After four years, the family requested that Monte and his companions be moved back to the DSC farm as they were no longer able to give them care. All three arrived in Spring 2007.

Monte is a lively, curious creature, much enjoyed by staff, volunteers and visitors alike.


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