Miniature Donkey Stuart

Stuart Little

Stuart (Little) is a grey dun miniature donkey.

Before coming the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC) Stuart lived with 5 other donkeys on a farm north of Guelph. He and the other donkeys were well taken care off, after the owner passed away in the spring of 2017, the family took over the care of the donkeys but was looking to place the donkeys in permanent homes. Four of the donkeys were placed in loving homes but Stuart and his friend Beau were still in need of a place and the DSC was contacted. Stuart and Beau arrived at the DSC in late August 2017.

Stuart is a small donkey with a big personality. His charm and self-confidence is bigger than Stuart himself. Stuart has won the hearts of everybody around him the minute he walked of the trailer. He is a very curious donkey and loves attention.


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