What to do if you believe a donkey is being neglected.

We sometimes get asked what to do if you are concerned that a donkey may be being neglected or abused.  Can the DSC seize the animal?
In Ontario, animal sanctuaries do not have the legal authority to seize animals in distress. The responsibility for enforcing animal welfare laws and conducting seizures lies with Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS).
The main functions of PAWS include:
1. Investigating Animal Cruelty: PAWS investigates complaints of animal cruelty, neglect, and abuse reported by the public or other agencies. They work to ensure that animals are treated with care and compassion according to provincial laws.
2. Enforcing Animal Welfare Laws: PAWS enforces Ontario’s animal welfare legislation, such as the Ontario SPCA Act, to protect animals from harm and ensure their well-being. This includes taking legal action against individuals or organizations found to be in violation of these laws.
3. Rescuing and Sheltering Animals: PAWS may rescue animals from situations of cruelty or neglect and provide them with temporary shelter and care. They collaborate with animal shelters and rescue organizations to find suitable homes for these animals whenever possible.
4. Educating the Public: PAWS educates the public about responsible pet ownership, animal welfare laws, and how to recognize and report cases of animal cruelty or neglect. They may conduct outreach programs, workshops, and public awareness campaigns to promote humane treatment of animals.
The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada is happy to work with donkey owners who request assistance with their animals and to provide sanctuary for donkeys, mules and hinnies when appropriate should it be requested by the owner or by PAWS.
If you see an animal in distress, please contact the PAWS team at 1-833-9ANIMAL (1-833-926-4625). If an animal’s life is in immediate danger, call 911.
You can find more information here:  https://www.ontario.ca/page/animal-welfare