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We just would like to say Thanks

We receive such positive feedback from guests about the passion and love that our volunteers show for the donkeys and the Sanctuary. We agree, that our volunteers are some of the most dedicated and hard-working that you’ll find anywhere.

We have some of the most engaged volunteers that any organization could hope to have, with an unparalleled knowledge of the donkeys, the farm, and history of the Sanctuary. Without our volunteers, the operation of our events and day-to-day chores would be next to impossible.

Volunteers, thank you for all of the things that you do for the DSC and the animals. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

Orientation for DSC Volunteers


If you are interested in being a hands-on volunteer with our donkeys, please sign up for our next orientation session. This includes a one-day training course, plus four additional hands-on donkey training sessions. They are required in order to volunteer in any animal related positions. We also require non-animal related events volunteers for both our Open Days and Events. These positions do not require the orientation. For more information, please email here.

Help with Events

We are in need of more volunteers to help with our Open Days, as well as our Annual 5K PACE for the Donkeys.

Duties include helping manage crowds and ensuring people follow rules, assisting with parking, and being good ambassadors of the DSC. Our volunteers are the first thing people mention when reviewing on Trip Advisor because they are so friendly, compassionate, and committed to the donkeys!

Become a DSC Volunteer 

Please note that all positions where volunteers will interact with Donkeys in the barn or paddock require orientation and training, which will be provided by knowledgeable staff members. 

To register for our next orientation please contact us here by email.

To register for non-donkey related Open Day tasks, please click the button below.