Vital Statistics
Born in: 
est. 1994
Resident Since: 

Tibet is a little Standard jennet who we estimate was born around 1994. She is very shaggy, with a long, very fine, gray and brown coat of hair. She was brought to the DONKEY SANCTUARY OF CANADA in 1997 after having been impounded by a humane society inspector who considered her physical condition to be at a dangerously low level.

Upon arrival, Tibet’s long hair was horribly matted, clumped with manure and lice. The hair clung to a body that was all skin and bone. In addition, we concluded that her hooves had never been trimmed. They were so overgrown that her front feet were turned out of line by almost forty-five degrees. During the months that followed, Tibet gained weight steadily and her general physical condition improved dramatically.

On May 16, 1998, Tibet gave birth to a jack foal who was named Tengen. It was not until she was well into her eighth month that we realized that, at the time of her arrival at the DSC, she was already pregnant. She carried the foal for 12 months and 2 weeks. Tengen, who is pure white, was born in a very healthy condition.

During his first months, Tengen and Tibet were always together. She watched him at all times and she investigated closely any person who wanted to come near him. At the end of a year she weaned him. As more time passed, he became increasingly independent, enjoying to run in the fields with the other donkey geldings.

As the years have passed, Tengen has grown and matured. He much enjoys to frolic with his pals in the fields but always, when it is time to rest, he can be found at Tibet’s side. She has always been patient with him and gentle with the many visitors who come to experience the donkeys’ quiet world.