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Donkye Girls looking through the fence

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada rescues and rehabilitates donkeys, mules and hinnies who have been neglected, abused or otherwise need Sanctuary. We also provide resources and education to the public and the equine world about the unique traits and needs of donkeys and donkey-hybrids.


Did you know…

When we hear the word “equine”, seldom are donkeys, mules and hinnies the animals that come to mind. Most people are surprised when they discover that Canada has a large population of donkeys, let alone a Sanctuary dedicated to their care.

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Donkeys Monterey and Colby smiling


Sponsor a Donkey

Sponsor a donkey or mule and support their recovery and ongoing care. By sponsoring a donkey/mule/hinny, you become a vital in supporting their medical recovery and behavioral rehabilitation in helping them trust people again.  Sponsorships are $75 annually or $10 per month.

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Volunteer with us

Volunteer with the DSC in various capacities and help change the lives of all our resident donkeys, mules and hinnies. You will be rewarded with a bond with these forgotten equines that is unlike any other.

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